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About us

MASER has got a relevant background in the Industrial Automation Techniques, and keeps since its creation in 1984, the compromise of fulfilling the needs and expectations of its customers.

In 1996, upon customer´s request, MASER diversifies its activity creating a new mechanical department, able to offer turnkey solutions.

Nowadays, MASER has got as its main activity the design, assembly, electrical installation, programming, adjustment and after-sales service of special machinery, electrical cabinets and programming robots; as well as restoring of industrial installations including the startup of any kind of automatism in general.

In MASER, we adapt our organization permanently to fulfill the three main points.

  • Give personalised attention to each customer.
  • Agility and flexibility.
  • Research and development of high added value products.

During these years, the fulfilling of these main points has taken MASER to work for some of the most important, recognised and demanding enterprises from so varied sectors, such as the automotion, food factory, energy, optical sector…

MASER from its beginnings has considered investigation and development basic to compete in a market more demanding and diversified every time. That’s why MASER cooperates actively with some different Technological Centres with the desire to offer to the market new and innovative tools to make easier daily tasks.




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