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Maser - Accesibility

Why accesibility at MASER web page?

Because we all do not have the same faculties to reach the information.

There are people who have hearing, mobility, reading and/or understanding difficulties, who can’t use the mouse, who use a digital text reader, have an small screen or an slow internet connection. Around 10% of the population have this kind of problems and for them, navigating in a not standard web can become complicate and sometimes impossible.

For this type of users, there are instruments that adapt the computer to their operating way (for example, navigators with voice synthesizer or screen magnifiers). Also, contents have to be structured as to be used by this kind of users and adjacent technologies.

Visual design with standards

We have tried to design an accesible web for the maximum of users, regardless of their personal or technological limitations, trying to reduce the digital breach as well as the barriers that have been created by the development of the new technologies.

We have used standard formats established by the W3C and followed the Accesibility Steps generated by the WAI, obtaining an A level.

Should you find any problem navigating or visualizing the web, please do not hesitate to contact us We will do our best to solve it as soon as possible.


This web page uses layers and CSS (cascade style pages) for visual formatting of the information. Contents and presentation have been separated to obtain a good visualization of the information under different operating systems.

PDF archives have not been constructed under the W3C standards and they are not accessible.

The language used for the contents and its structure is XHTML 1.1. and for showing the elements, cascade style pages have been used (CSS 2.0.). Even more, all pages have been validated as XHTML 1.1. transitional, CSS 2.0. A tool for analysing the accessibility offered by TAW (Web Accesibility Test) has also been used, reaching all the elements and pages involved.

Font sizes are configured in a way that allows users changing them and also by the text options of their navigation programs. A correct visualization of this web place has been tested under the principal navigation programs (Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox,, Opera and Safari).

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